RoTaPlastes Complete Plant Pot Set - B07PX6V7SP



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  • Modern design

  • Made of high quality plastic

  • UV-resistant

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

  • Ginza plant bowl 60 cm, 40 litres KokoTerra Classic plant soil, 1 litre Vitanal universal fertiliser

  • The Ginza plant pot is ideal for indoor and outdoor use due to the high-quality materials used. It is true to shape and colour. Thanks to the modern shape, it can be used for example as a plant arrangement or as a creative decorative object. Dimensions: 60 x 35 x 28 cm – 34 litres, 80 x 47 x 35 cm – 80 litres. The KokoTerra Classic plant soil is a versatile cultural substrate for hobby and commercial gardening. It is particularly suitable for use in pots, pots and balcony boxes, but also for other containers. The soil is balanced with NPK fertiliser and guarantees optimal care and health of almost all ornamental and commercial plants in the first weeks. KokoTerra Classic can be used to reactivate leached and heavy floors as it makes them ventilated, loosened and reusable. The soil is ready to use after mixing with water. KokoTerra classic applications: for pot and pot plants, is preferably used undiluted in the flower box or plant pot can be used for filling raised beds, creating an ideal root space for vegetables, herbs and shrubs for the preparation of leached soils: mixed with leached soil rhodium of various types can be reactivated and reusable (instructions for use with cameo acids) Application period throughout the year instructions leave the soil in the plant bag or fill in a high container. Add approximately 3 litres of lukewarm water to 10 litres of plant soil and let it swell. Depending on your needs, the water quantity can be adjusted. The soil then rake through well. The planting soil is ready. VITANAL NaturActive Universal Fertiliser Ingredients The special effect is based on a special, patented combination of high-quality amino acids, vitamins, protein and carbohydrates. These are naturally obtained from food grade cereals: from plants - for plants. Effect vital natural active universal is highly effective and purely biological. It is organic, salt free and without chemicals and therefore optimal as well as completely harmless to humans and animals. It promotes the natural nutrition of plants, root formation and growth of all plant types and hydroponics. The natural ingredients contained in VITANAL NaturAktiv Universal promote strong growth. Increase the resistance of the plant (especially against fungal diseases). guarantee firm and shiny green leaves. Ensure lasting fullness and bright flowers. help old plants to renew their shine. Use for watering from March to October. Outdoors, indoors all year round. Pouring the leaves promotes the leaf shine and strengthens the plant's own defences, especially against fungal diseases. Dosage in spring: 1 x weekly 0.4% (eg. 40 ml on 10 litres of water). Dosage for summer: Increase gradually to 1 x weekly 0.8%. Dosage for autumn: gradually reduce to 1 x weekly 0.4%. Indoor dosage: 1 x weekly 0.4%-ig to 0.6%-g. Organic NPK liquid fertiliser (0-0-0) using vegetable substances from food production / total nitrogen (N): 0.13%, total phosphate (P2O5): 0.01%, total potassium (K2O): 0.01% / raw materials: cereals and organic NPK fertiliser.

    RoTaPlastes Complete Plant Pot Set - B07PX6V7SP

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